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Grand Chapitre International


15. – 17. August 2019

Celebrating 300 years Principality of Liechtenstein Bailliage de la Principauté de Liechtenstein




Chers Confrères

Chères Consœurs

Dear Guests


It is for us a great honour to welcome you to our Grand Chapitre “Tercentenary of the Principality of Liechtenstein”. Our small country was elevated to the status of an imperial principality in 1719 by the unification of the dominion of Schellenberg and the county of Vaduz by Emperor Charles VI and is embedded in a beautiful landscape at the heart of Europe. Our bailliage is proud to celebrate this anniversary together with you. We have no difficulty foregoing the food of that time, as this was characterised by the modest circumstances of the general population. Furthermore, many of today’s common foodstuffs
had not even reached our country, such as maize or potatoes. Even beer was relatively unfamiliar. Wine, by contrast, had been produced even during the Roman period, although it was mostly drunk diluted with water(!).

The various tours provide you with insights into the history and special characteristics of our country and will enable you to get to know a great deal of fascinating information. The opening on 15 August with a splendid firework display, the enthronement at Gutenberg Castle together with the gala dinner at SAL in Schaan will doubtless be the highlights of our time together.


I wish to extend special thanks to Mr Klaus Tritschler, Bailli Délégué and Membre des Conseils d’Administration et Magistral, who will act as Master of Ceremonies at the induction. We look forward to seeing you and wish




Daniel Jean-Marie Jäggi

Bailli Délégué, Membre du Conseil Magistral, Paris


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